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Nine Inch Nails - The Fragile: Deviations 1 mp3 download

Nine Inch Nails - The Fragile: Deviations 1 mp3 download Performer: Nine Inch Nails
Album: The Fragile: Deviations 1
Country: US
Released: 2016
Style: Industrial
Size MP3: 1982 mb.
Size FLAC: 1552 mb.
Rating: 4.2/5
Votes: 825

The Fragile: Deviations 1 (also known as Halo 30) is an alternate, instrumental take on The Fragile by Nine Inch Nails. On December 24, 2016, Trent Reznor stated that: "When a track from Deviations says (Instrumental), that's because at some point that track had vocals on it. Those could be finished, a demo or just an outline.

All of this makes The Fragile: Deviations 1 a truly perplexing proposition. Reznor’s on record as saying that the original album emerged from perhaps the darkest period of his adult life, but that the recording process was a life-affirming period in retrospect. He’s teased a revamped re-release for the better part of the past decade, up to and including a more straightforward Apple Music-exclusive instrumental version a few years back on which several new tracks were debuted.

Artist: Nine Inch Nails. Album: The Fragile: Deviations 1. Official Release: Dec 23, 2016. Upcoming movie leaks. Toy Story 4. Spider-man Far From Home. Users who ignore this rule will be banned from the site. Album: The Fragile Deviations 1. Released: 2016. Tracklist: 01 – Somewhat Damaged (Instrumental) 02 – The Day The World Went Away (Instrumental) 03 – The Frail (Alternate Version) 04 – The Wretched (Instrumental) 05 – Missing Places 06 – We’re In This Together (Instrumental) 07 – The Fragile (Instrumental) 08 – Just Like You Imagined (Alternate Version) 09 – The March (Instrumental) 10 – Even Deeper (Instrumental) 11 – Pilgrimage (Alternate Version) 12 – One Way To Get There 13 – No

B2. We're In This Together (Instrumental). B3. The Fragile (Instrumental). B4. Just Like You Imagined (Alternate Version). B5. The March (Instrumental). C1. Even Deeper (Instrumental). C2. Pilgrimage (Alternate Version). C3. One Way To Get There.

The fragile (instrumental) 04. Just like you imagined (alternate version) 05. The march (instrumental) side 2A 01. Even deeper (instrumental) 02. Pilgrimage (alternate version) 03. One way to get there 0. A completely new experience for fans of the original masterpiece. All tracks completely remastered, pressed on 180GRAM vinyl. Sweatshirt Downward Spiral Nine Inch Nails Sweatshirt.


Somewhat Damaged (Instrumental)
The Day The World Went Away (Instrumental)
The Frail (Alternate Version)
The Wretched (Instrumental)
Missing Places
We're In This Together (Instrumental)
The Fragile (Instrumental)
Just Like You Imagined (Alternate Version)
The March (Instrumental)
Even Deeper (Instrumental)
Pilgrimage (Alternate Version)
One Way To Get There
No, You Don't (Instrumental)
La Mer (Alternate Version)
The Great Below (Instrumental)
Not What It Seems Like (Instrumental)
White Mask
The New Flesh (Instrumental)
The Way Out Is Through (Alternate Version)
Into The Void (Instrumental)
Where Is Everybody? (Instrumental)
The Mark Has Been Made (Alternate Version)
Was It Worth It? (Instrumental)
Please (Instrumental)
+Appendage (Instrumental)
Can I Stay Here? (Instrumental)
10 Miles High (Instrumental)
Starfuckers, Inc. (Instrumental)
Complication (Alternate Version)
Claustrophobia Machine (Raw)
Last Heard From
I'm Looking Forward To Joining You, Finally (Instrumental)
The Big Come Down (Instrumental)
Underneath It All (Instrumental)
Ripe With Decay (Instrumental)


Category Artist Title (Format) Label Category Country Year
B0026309-01, B0026309-01ST02 Nine Inch Nails The Fragile: Deviations 1 ‎(4xLP, Ltd) Nothing Records, Nothing Records B0026309-01, B0026309-01ST02 US 2017
none Nine Inch Nails The Fragile: Deviations 1 ‎(37xFile, FLAC, Album, 24b) The Null Corporation none US 2016
none Nine Inch Nails The Fragile: Deviations 1 ‎(37xFile, MP3, Album, 320) The Null Corporation none US 2016
none Nine Inch Nails The Fragile: Deviations 1 ‎(37xFile, WAV, Album) The Null Corporation none US 2016
00602557386103 Nine Inch Nails The Fragile: Deviations 1 ‎(4xLP) Interscope Records 00602557386103 Europe 2017

would love to have this release on CD, please NIN.......release that on CD
To answer CTheB below about the price :Yes it costs too much, but it sounds better than what you compared it to. That is the "attention to detail". Sonic details. I can confirm it sounds incredibly good. Only thing I would say is pretty awful is the lack of printed booklet. Got it for 45€ though. Was the average price outside of the nin.com website 1 year after the release.
To put the cost of this item into perspective (I'm using UK prices, but US or RoW ones will be comparable):Depeche Mode's "Remixes 2 81-11" cost me (new, in 2012) £50, inclusive of postage, for 6 records in 1 full-colour hardback box with another hardback box inside it, with full-colour, gloss-finish spined sleeves for each record, and a 12" foldout insert with text. This works out at £12.50 per record, and each is beautifully presented.Rammstein's "XXI" set cost me (new, in 2015) £185, inclusive of postage, for 14 records in 1 embossed hardback box with another another hardback box inside it, with 7 full-colour, gatefold sleeves, including some foil-blocking and gloss finish. This works out at £13.21 per record, and each is beautifully presented.Nine Inch Nails' "Fragile Deviations 1" retails at £60–£65, inclusive of postage, for 4 records in 1 easily damaged cover, with designless inner sleeves. This works out at £15–£16.25 per record, and each is badly presented.Even taking into account any inflation in prices since 2012 and 2015, and even if the Depeche Mode or Rammstein boxes had been, say, another £20 each, those boxes would still outdo "Fragile deviations 1".This is Trent Reznor. And what he claims is his "insane attention to detail".
Anyone have a good sleeve to keep this thing in?
I got some box set sleeves from bags unlimited and just tapped up the excess on the back with clear packaging tape. Works so far.
Wow great alternate takes, instrumentals and unheard bits of music. This deserves a CD release. My sealed copy has a dented corner from poor packaging, I'm keeping it though. Ive heard the entire album digitally and like it. Looking forward to Deviations 2.
This pressing, like all of NIN's 2017 vinyl reissues, is damn near perfect sonically. Full and dynamic with almost no surface noise to speak of. The packaging, however, is a disaster. I had to buy 6 copies before I found one in mint condition. The sleeves are too tight to hold the LPs so they're very prone to crack and the cardboard is so thin that the spin creases like crazy when put into a mailer. All in all the packaging is not appropriate to hold 4 LPs and it's made worse by the fact that the cardboard isn't thick enough. It's also very minimal for the $80 list price. The LPs come in generic white sleeves and all that's inside is an 11"x11" piece of thick paper with the tracklisting on one side.
“The packaging, however, is a disaster.”I agree! Hate to be that nitpicking guy, but I think the whole packaging could've been a bit more sturdy and well, as the whole thing arrived a little buckled at the corner already, which is a bit of a p.i.t.a. considering what I paid for it.
I have poly lined inner sleeves, which I think are perfect (better than plane paper or printed versions (which often are too big, records move inside and ruin sleeves ))
I think this is brilliant. The perfect antidote for Christmas music! Love the vinyl, presentation and downloads. Each song is like a short symphony of noise. I am not a big NIN fan and tend to listen to dark ambient music. This is a nice break from my normal listening material which is usually a bit more subdued. 5 stars.
"Patience is a virtue", right? I've contemplated buying this for a year and, because the reports from Sandbag were so bad, i was hoping Amazon would be selling this. Which they are now. 20 bucks cheaper. No S&H fees. No hassle. So, Trent, good thing you fired Sandbag, but start by being honest & fair to NIN fans from the start.As for the product in itself: - Records are well pressed, pretty quiet, sounds as good if not better than my original copy of the Fragile. - Cover/art is pretty disappointing. Only a (fat) gatefold + a sheet of paper for the tracklist + a download card.No fancy presentation, no explanatory booklet, no detailed credits, no cool inlay/inserts. I usually don't care that much about that, but when you see what other bands do for re-issues (Smashing Pumpkins' MCIS, Radiohead's OK computer...), the original price & the pretentious announcement speech, you start thinking 'someone' should have put more thought into it before pulling the trigger...
Wait, there is a release of this that actually has a Parental Advisory warning on it? Do they know its instrumental, haha?!
It reads "starfuckers, inc." I'm assuming that's the reason.
it's a parental advisory warning without words in it. get it?
Hi, I posted a reply as well, I am curious if the vinyl comes with a download code.
My Add Violence 12" bought in Germany has a download card.
Yes, it does include a download code. All of the new reissues do, but the Add Violence 12" doesn't.
Very clean and clear, but powerful pressing. Sounds very good! Packaging is a little sparse but nonetheless a great addition to the NIN collection. Very nice to hear 50+ minutes more of the FRAGILE sessions.
Btw - it's funny how TR said, when they're gone, they're gone - they're in stores now.
TR never said it would be exclusive to NIN.com. He just said it would only have one pressing. It was never specified how large that pressing would be.
They are being sold in stores now (sunrise records in Ontario, Canada). Picked mine up today and excellent pressing, excellent condition packaging. Paid 90 Canadian dollars.
Yes, but the code matches only in USA and Canada
Did it come with a download code? Love the release but really want digital copies too!
I pre-ordered mine back in December, have yet to receive my 2 copies and Sandbag keeps giving me the run-around. I told them to give me a refund. Fed up with poor service and will definitely not be buying direct from NIN store again.
Trent just fired them and switched to Live Nation. Second merch company he's sacked this year.
UPDATE: After sending them an email asking for a refund and saying I would never deal with them again, they express shipped my order and I received it today, which is nice but I shouldn't have had to deal with all this nonsense. I'll be buying from fellow discogers from now on.
better get used to sandbag ... they do alot of distributing for major artists. each time it's always the same bullshit with them and takes a lifetime to finally get sorted out.
I bought two copies of this and both had perfect packaging.
Wow someone is already selling this thing for 500 bucks? what the f?
Looks like the digital files got all the artwork and inner sleeve art that SHOULD have been included in this release. They even have the vinyl sides printed on them. Someone dropped the ball with these reissues. At least they sound good.
Does anybody know how many copies are being pressed?Thank you
Thank you had have had purchased from sandbag and there terrible.
The whole limited thing around it is stupid. I was pissed when I saw them being sold today in a chain record store. Don't listen to what is being posted on the nin site and certainly don't buy from there. I haven't experienced any issues from buying from there but I have friends who have. Waste of time. They all go mainstream chain eventually (perfect example - broken, fragile and this).
yup, back in stock for now. I bought one. Looks like a couple of people on Ebay paid double sadly.
This is back in stock for anyone still looking for a copy.https://store.nin.com/collections/music/products/the-fragile-deviations-1-2017-limited-edition-4xlp-hi-res-digital
So....The new replacement sleeve just came in the mail...also damaged...I give up...
Yup. Add me to that list too. My second one had a crease along the entire front cover but was way better than my first one which had all four corners smushed and a puncture on the bottom. I can't fault Sandbag though. They packed the hell out of the second cover but it fell victim to the sloppiness of the postal service. I have since stuffed the records inside along with cut of cardboard to try to flatten the crease and am calling it a day. No sense in worrying anymore about it. At least the pressing is incredible!
Same thing just happened to me...received a replacement sleeve, also completely crushed on one corner...an improvement on all 4 corners, but still, so annoying.
Same problem, I ordered two replacement sleeves and each were damaged.
Trent may have spared no expense on the pressing and remastering, but he completely dropped the ball with the crappy packaging of the artwork and sleeve. ALL the new reissues suffer from this carelessness, meaning that the original pressings are *still* the definitive versions when it comes to the overall experience. Trent tried to call his shot with these, but whiffed big time on the packaging. He basically went against his own vinyl creed, which is rather embarrassing.
I get how Deviations packaging was a let down, and that Broken has a glue issue in a fair number of its packages, beyond that I don't see anything wrong with any of the other reissues packaging. When compared with the original pressings, there doesn't appear to be any degradation apparent. Also the reissues all come with some retrospective essays which are a nice bonus addition.
When did this sell out? Seems to be out of stock now. Damn!
And now SRC Vinyl in USA are advertising a pre-order for release on 17 November. Makes you wonder how limited this release actually was.
Just look in Germany at the online stores of JPC or EMP. They already have the NEW re-release liste. So much for One time only pressing...
yep i got a smashed corner..."we are sending replacement sleeve"
Same here, did you just complain and they said they were sending you a sleeve?
Regarding this and the reissues - Didn't Trent mention that he was aware and frustrated with the first "batch" of reissues and that its since been corrected - I cant recall exactly but something to that effect; that he's also aware of the problems and is doing something about it? I remember him saying something about the vinyl reissues anyway, I just can't quote him verbatim.In any case - Overall I'm happy with what I got, so I'm kinda nit picking really - I really am happy with my copy. It arrived with a visible - but not severe - crease in the middle of the wide spine; having experienced this before with other "special" record sleeves that are somewhat reminiscent of this one - the wide spine in particular - I'm certain it got that way during shipping. Curiously though, the stock inner sleeves for both records 3 and 4 had an identical crease right across the top 1/3'rd or so - those seemed to have been caused when they were being packed into the outer jacket, as its only confined to those two and nothing else. The records themselves looked fine upon first (visual) impression. I've since played them (I'm editing this to reflect that) and I'm happy that all 8 sides played without incident. If I were to be extra picky, well, there were some dust particles on the records but I always clean any new record* before play, and store them in Sleeve City/Diskeeper 5.0 inner sleeves. I don't like the 2-records-per-side arrangement, and I wish that instead of the single card printed with the track info, we'd get the same kind of booklet as includes with the Definitive vinyl reissues, especially for the price. No doubt this would cost a lot more if that were the case, but still, I'd have gladly paid for something like this: https://www.discogs.com/Beck-Odelay/release/1598309That was limited to 3000 copies; I don't know if 'deviations' is limited and even if it were I have no idea as to the numbers involved.[*I use a Loricraft record cleaning machine and an assortment of fluids and brushes but I imagine a good dry brush that picks up dust before play is enough; if you don't want to go that route. And no, I'm not getting anything for free lol]
Hey Darthrecords... Weren't you the one that bashed Mr. Reznor for pushing this release back to ensure that you and all of us would receive the highest quality vinyl release of this gem?
Sure was, and as you can see I ordered for copies, other folks were depending on this as well. Not sure what your point is because it was still handled unprofessionally. But thanks for wasting your time and motivating me enough to waste mine.
Arrived today, all corners are broken ... fucking what is so much time to wait and get the garbage, wrote in support of answering an alliance and promised to send one more copy, I'll wait ...
Perfect delivery here in Belgium ! No damage or whatsoever ..
Packaging and production on this title is incredible. The 180g vinyl pressing is smooth as glass, strong and dynamic.
+2 corner dings and bent covers. But they managed to send it via Expres... have your broken vinyl quicker. Thanks!
Mine arrived with all corners bent, and a badly damaged spine. Emailed support and they responded to me same day saying that they're mailing me a new sleeve. Besides the disappointing packaging, album sounds fantastic.
I sent them a ticket through the NIN website and received a reply the next morning, saying they will send me a new sleeve next week. http://nin-helpdesk.sandbaguk.com/support/tickets/new
what support did you email? Sandbag? I sent them an email too and haven't received anything back. I want to make sure I have the correct email. Thanks in advance!
Add mine to the list of damaged corners....3 bad dings and with a corner crease.I blame the shipping box that was used and mailing through Jersey City. Almost every item I've ordered that goes through that USPS gets damaged in some way....of course they also sit on it for 3 days before it gets shipped across the US to my house.I filled out a support ticket, so we'll see what they do about it. At least the records themselves are fine and sound great, but for 80 bucks I expect a non-damaged item sent to me.
Email Sandbag, correct. Received my replacement cover today, carefully packaged. Happy now ;0)
They responded to my ticket within 12 hours. Will be shipping out a replacement sleeve in a few weeks. Hopefully that will handle the shipping better than the heavy record set did.
Where can I find the support ticket? Or is it simply emailing sandbag?
Mine arrived with 3 bent corners. Gatefold is flimsy cardboard with virtually no artwork, pressing has high surface noise/static even after cleaning on Okki Nokki. first track has a recurring thud at the beginning (pressing defect), leftovers vinyl flakes in one of the inner sleeves. It was supposed to be limited, but from what I've seen online it might be as many as 10-15 000 copies or more. Not impressed at all. Hopefully, this will be a learning experience to ensure top quality for the album reissues coming out later this year, but somehow I don't see that happening.
By all accounts, they've dropped the ball on the "meticulously prepared definitive editions", too. Cheap cardboard sleeves not in any way suitable for holding the heavy weight of the vinyl. Unbelievably poor quality from a once-perfectionist Trent Reznor.
On fourth record I have a recurring thud / click at the beginning as well. Nothing really bad, and the rest is great. But all in all this release will just earn 4 stars, though The Fragile is one of my alltime magical 5 star releases.
Mine arrived damaged too. Emailed to Sangbag and they seem to be shiiping me new sleeve. Packaging was very very poor, hopefully they will learn.
FINALLY!! Very happy to say that I ordered 4, and they all showed up in perfect condition.
Well, I'm quite sure enough has been said about the album's lack of artbook and "somewhat damaged" sleeve from questionable shipping practices. All of it is true, though I'm happy to say mine arrived with very, very minimal damage. But what's most important here is the music itself, and let me say that this album is downright perfect. Nice, heavyweight vinyl, ultra-quiet wax, amazing dynamics, absolutely perfect sound. Let me say again: PERFECT. Trent did not disappoint in this regard. The four LP's are housed in a gatefold, but unlike the horrid gatefold for Ghosts I-IV, these are wider so that two records of 180g weight can fit quite comfortably. None of the records were warped, they were in pristine condition.So yeah, it was expensive, but I feel I got my money's worth. Just a great record, and limited as well!
yep. Arrived with a corner completely smashed in...fun fun fun.
Luckily mine arrived in NM condition with only one slight corner ding. Slit open carefully to keep shrink wrap intact. Slip records out and drop the needle down. Pressing sounds good. Slightly quiet but nothing a preamp cant fix.
Nonsense. I've kept as many of my LPs over the years in the original shrink as I could, and not one of them has been warped or damaged because of it. The whole "shrink wrap hurts" theory is just a myth. Kind of like the myth that colored vinyl has any value or point..
What sleeve did you end up getting to fit? I need to get something as well..
My record collection is properly stored, and hype sticker is important to keep intact for me, personally. Normal poly sleeves wont fit this massive 4xLP so I've ordered some custom oversized sleeves that should do the trick.
I wouldn't really recommend keeping your records in the shrink wrap, it can warp the sleeve and the shrink offers very little protection. It might be better to transfer to a strong outer sleeve instead.
Trent's going to be pissed when he hears what happened. He's already mad because of delays that he was not aware of. Future releases have been pushed back to at least August.
Mine arrive with all four corners dinged and seam splits. No visible damage on the cheap outer mailer. This will be the last time I order from the NIN store.
Shipping/release date drama aside, I think the vinyl itself for this release sounds excellent.
This is still available through store.nin.com for $80, so fuck the guys trying to sell it here for twice that amount!
lol....oh discogs logic. they are a special kind of special.
According to social media, the ETS boards and the NIN Reddit, just about every copy arrived to people damaged because it was poorly packaged. This happened with mine and, as a bonus, the sleeves are also split, which is a manufacturing defect.If you have an issue, email Sandbag and demand a replacement copy that is better packaged for shipment.
Mine arrived with one corner very slightly crimped, but otherwise it good condition. I guess I got lucky.One thing though, the outer shipping packaging was in perfect condition, so I think the damage occurred before shipping. Odd.
Mine arrived with a bent upper right corner and (most annoyingly) the spine crushed along the top too. For an $80 4-LP set, I was expecting something a little more sturdy for the amount of records being housed. It feels like the spine could easily rip from the weight of that amount of records in the light cardboard cover.ALSO, I am totally disappointed with the plain white sleeves. I figured they would be printed considering how well know NIN is for their visual presentation. Oh well ...
Is this the correct email, [email protected]?I understand saving money on shipping but they messed up.
Alright, thank you. What is sandbags email address? My sleeves also turned up in really bad shape.
Hate to be this guy, but mine arrived almost completely intact. Very very very light corner dent on the bottom right, but discs and sleeves and package were great. Sorry to hear about everyone else, though, I've seen some terrible pictures of the damages.
It was really strange, because the shipping materials were intact and looked as if nothing should have caused the massive dent in my upper left. Thanks for the heads up on the email notifications and where to send it!
That was one of the things I mentioned in my email to them. For the price they charged for shipping they could have actually used some of that fee in the packaging. I told them I hope they figure out how to package records before the next round of reissues.
i will go insane if my copy of the fragile is jacked....so long for a reissue, i will have debilitating anxiety until august.
They just told me they were reopening my order and sending me a new one. Just sending the sleeve would probably cut down on corner dings unless they plan on using better mailers this time around.
An update to this: Anyone who contacts Sandbag about their copy being damaged will be sent a new outer sleeve with no records, no need to send your old copy back. Much less likely to get damaged without heavy LPs inside of it.
I got really excited because the package was in mint condition when I picked it up from the mailbox. I opened it and it's as if they had an expert on the assembly line crushing each corner and plotting creases.
Yep.. box packing on mine was bent, thus the cover has a massive corner bend, vinyl is fine.
Oh man, it's Hesitation Marks all over again...Glad I didn't order yet (hope I don't do it too late though)
Mine too. Bullshit. I hope the rest are packaged better. Especially because it was like $8 for shipping.
Hello, You’ll be glad to hear that your copy of The Fragile: Deviations 1 2017 Limited Edition is now being packaged up ready to make it’s way to you. Your order should leave our facility before the end of this week. A tracking number will be sent to you as it leaves. If you ordered any other items alongside The Fragile: Deviations 1 2017 they will be shipped separately. Pre-orders for the 2017 Definitive Editions of Broken, Downward Spiral, Not The Actual Events and The Fragile are still due to ship in early August. We thank you, yet again, for your patience and hope you enjoy Deviations when you receive it. Any questions, please go here. Thanks NIN store
TRENT... you have lost your mind!! You are offering a 20% discount on my NEXT PURCHASE for this miserable mess!!!??? What about THIS ORDER!!! This is a slap in our faces for you to make MORE $ because of your mess up. People have to sSPEND MORE on you to take advantage of your sincere offers for your screw up!?!? REALLY!!!????
Seriously. Ranting and raving like a crazy person on a website where the artist isn't even going to see your comment is not a good look. Especially given the fact that he's already given multiple options to make this issue right.
Dude, Trent acknowledged that the fulfillment company screwed up and replaced them. The Deviations album is currently shipping right now. Calm down, the vinyl orders are coming.
I'll go ahead and speak my mind... for OUR sake.... God has nothing to do with this...
stop whining and ask for a refund, for god's sake
C'mon, man! It's almost June and I still have received no notice or even a sniff of this record. Like everyone else, I have a receipt that shows my purchase 12/26... where is this thing??!?! I have tried to email customer service, and the address listed ([email protected]) doesn't even work any more. Maybe I am just blocked from sending so many requests for updates, I don't know. This is ridiculous. I've been a NIN fan for 25 years and have never been this disappointed by Trent.
The company that was supposed to fulfill these orders screwed things up, so Reznor replaced them with another company. That was the hold up. Deviations 1 is shipping right now (I got a notification yesterday, 6/26), and the rest of the pre-orders will ship early August.
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